Daniel P. Noé

Technology Expert

I am currently a Principal Software Engineer at the Lincoln, MA office of HGST (a Western Digital company). I joined through the acquisiton of small technology startup VeloBit in 2013. At VeloBit and now HGST I've worked on innovative storage accelerating technologies using SSD caching, data deduplication, compression, SSD device intimacy, and clustered storage. I do architectural design and write code for kernel space drivers and user space utilities, targeting Linux and Windows platforms.

I began exploring Linux in 1999 when I was a teenager and I've been using it ever since. I have over 15 years of experience with the GNU/Linux environment, 10 years of experience using Linux as a development platform. I've also been experimenting with IPv6 on my home network and colocated server since 2005, learning about protocol routing in the process.

In the past I have worked as a software engineer at Lime Brokerage in Waltham, MA. My work there was development on a low-latency real time quote delivery system. I also worked for Netezza (acquired by IBM) - a massively parallel database appliance using parallel execution blades. I worked on the storage layer and query engine in C++. While attending University of New Hampshire I was employed part-time as a software developer for Lamprey Networks in the area of automated software and hardware testing. I have also worked in systems administration and as a support technician. My professional interests include networks and communications (especially IPv6), large parallel systems, big data, operating systems, and open source software. For further information, please see my full resume (PDF).

Design and Development Software Engineer

In many years of professional experience I've come to terms with the fact that elegantly designed software and well written code is surprisingly hard to come by. I'd like to change that. If you share this mission then I want to talk to you.

My experience ranges from Windows to Linux to VMWare kernel environments, databases, networking, and more. I tend to prefer work on the "backend" rather than user interface but I've done both in a pinch. I love working with distributed systems and complex concurrency. I am quick to adjust and master new toolchains. I'm an excellent troubleshooter and analyzer. I am a big fan of effective use of code review and version control tools like Git.

Networks and Services

Via isomerica.net, I provide web hosting, email, IRC, and other services. I also offer computer tutoring, consulting, programming, system building, and troubleshooting and repair. I maintain a server colocated in Boston which is accessible via native IPv4 and IPv6, and my home network is also IPv6 enabled. To learn more about these services, please contact me.


In 2011 I became a certificated Private Pilot and in 2013 I obtained my Instrument-Airplane rating. I trained in the Cessna 172 at Air Direct in Nashua, NH (KASH). In 2012 my wife and I became owners of N52667, a Cessna Cardinal based in Nashua. as of 2014 I have over 300 hours. I sometimes write at Cardinal Flying Blog about my experiences with flying Google map of airports I have flown to.


I have a personal interest in photography. I maintain a gallery of my photos online. If you are interested in hiring me for portraits, pet photography, product photography, or other, please contact me at dpn@isomerica.net.


  • Email: dpn[at]isomerica.net
  • Jabber/Google Talk/XMPP: spinfire[at]isomerica.net
  • My phone number can be found on my resume