form and formality



The symbols, Narayan, and the society and ecology thereof are all from the game Myst III: Exile, which is copyright 2001, Presto Studios. I am using them without permission and for no profit whatsoever.



I have, to the best of my knowledge, designed the site to be functional in any graphics-enabled browser; my testing has been limited, since I only have high-end browsers (relatively recent versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, and the America Online browser) on my computer. It will certainly look prettier if your browser can handle the CSS commands, and having JavaScript will enable you to see the rollovers, which, while not crucial, make it easier to see how the symbols fit into the grid. The peak of prettiness would be if you have the font Gifford's Hand handy, which came with Exile.


site creation

The whole site was coded by hand in SimpleText. I would never have learned if not for the wonderful tutorials at HTMLgoodies, which enabled me to transcend my cyberwimpiness. That is the point of this statement: to thank Joe.



Much thanks to fellow symbol-nuts Gandalf and Renae, whose comments are and will be used in these pages. Also thanks to all the wonderful people at the MYSTcommunity and D'niPedia/Writer's Ring forums for their encouragement, and to Jehon the Scribe for a secret, and to The Wanderer for my background image, and to Sepdet for interesting spoiler space. Now will you guys go bug me to finish this thing?



I am currently not going to post an email address here; I do hope to get organized and provide an email, or at least a guestbook, for those with feedback and contributions when I get the full site up.


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