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"A symbol...suggests or generates an aspect of life where the number of possible interpretations is infinite and eludes all attempts on the part of the intellect to fix or establish a single meaning."

--Dr. Liz Green


Welcome. I am M'lah Sihfay, and this is the hub of my just-beginning, ever-growing exploration of the symbols of Narayan.

I would suggest that explorers here be those who have played the game, given that the symbols are part of a puzzle. I will be giving you no more information about the game per se than necessary; however, it may still half-spoil that particular puzzle, as well as some of the of mood and society.


"You've finished the game of Exile,

But the journey is not yet over.

Now it is time to examine

The meaning behind the signs."



There are sixty symbols that we know, each associated with one English word. Each of them fits into a grid of four interlocked circles surrounded by a fifth larger one.

As you will remember if you paid attention in Narayan, there are missing symbols, for two of the curtains on which the symbols were written are missing, and although we see them where those curtains are, we cannot get a good look at them, as Saavedro has cut them up and restitched them to make clothing. I have emailed Susan Weyer, the PR manager of Presto Studios, about the symbols that we were unable to see in the game (the ones on the curtains Saavedro was wearing). It turns out that that information isn't on Presto's "reveal to fans" list, or, as she put it, "We have to keep something under our tophat!" In the spirit of endless rambling, I may include speculation on said curtains in a future installment.

And in the spirit of sparing you some of said endless rambling, I will now provide you with the actual links to the actual sections. I would suggest starting with the symbols page itself (especially once the site is complete, which it isn't now); it is well-linked to the other sections of the site. However, for clarity and completeness, I do provide links to all sections from this page.

the symbols
All the known symbols, arranged alphabetically by translation, with commentary next to each one.

recurring motifs
Analysis of those recurring symbols within symbols, common elements between related words, etc.

A digression into the different kinds of symmetry found in symmetrical symbols--a relative rarity.

What very little we know about the syntax and form of the Narayani writing, as well as some speculation.

A description of what we know of the Narayani society and world, and some speculation on that subject drawing upon the symbols.

A mish-mash of speculation, mostly unofficial symbol-creation and musings about the missing curtains.

legalities, technicalities, and thanks
Disclaimers, browser notes, names of people who helped me, and other such necessaries.